Premium Dog Water Bottle With Filter
Premium Dog Water Bottle With Filter
Premium Dog Water Bottle With Filter
Premium Dog Water Bottle With Filter

Premium Dog Water Bottle With Filter

Your dog will never go thirsty again with this unique, easy to carry filtered water bottle.

Imagine this, you’re 20 minutes into your daily walk with your pooch. The sun is beading down and it’s getting hot, much hotter than your weather app said it would be. You look down at your four-legged best friend and notice that he’s looking dehydrated. All the signs are there, tongue hanging out, eyes slightly red and he’s panting heavily.


You could go looking for a tap or water fountain, but you have no idea where the closest one is. And even if you find one, scooping the water together in your hands so your doggo can get a decent lap is difficult as it seeps through your hands in a matter of seconds.

After walking around, you spot a tap, and someone’s left a bowl beneath it. How nice of them right? WRONG…

Although people have the best of intentions, you don’t know what diseases or bugs other dogs who’ve gulped down water from that bowl have had.

This scenario could be avoided by using the Premium Dog Thirst Quencher. It’s designed to be easy to carry (even if you have a lead in one hand and a poop bag in the other!)

Premium Dog Thirst Quencher Water Bottle Travel Ready

It can store up to 400ml of water, so you can keep your dog hydrated no matter how long the journey or how large the pooch.

It’s designed with a “one key lock” so there are no leaks or spills and all you need to do is simply unlock, push the button and the mouth-piece will fill with water. If your dog doesn’t drink all the water, just push the button and tip the water back into the bottle.

Premium Dog Thirst Quencher Water Bottle Lock

Our premium water bottle was designed with your dog’s health and safety in mind. It’s made from food-grade, premium plastic (so there are no nasties) and it contains a patented filtration solution to remove any harmful toxins from your dog’s water.

If you love your dog like a family member and want only the best for them this bottle is for you.

We only have a limited supply and when they’re gone, they’re gone. Order today!