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Premium Dog Water Bottle (50% OFF)

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Keep Your Dog Safe, Hydrated & Happy!

It’s impossible to keep your pups hydrated with normal water bottles, it’s wet, messy, wasteful and no place to wash your hands after.

Worst of all, communal dog bowls are just filled with germs and viruses. Keep your dog safe, hydrated and happy with the Dog “Thirst Quencher” Water Bottle.

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"I'm really amazed by how well it is made. And by the quick delivery!! 100% leak proof. 10/10 would recommend :)!" - Alicia

BPA FREE - Made from premium food-grade material (no 'plasticy' smells), you can rest assured that your furry friend is completely safe.

Water Retraction Function - You can filter any unused water back into the bottle for ZERO wastage.

No Leakage - The handy lock key and silicone ring between the trough and the bottle container prevents leaking, so you can carry it in your bag without ever worrying about leakage.

Great For Dog Walks - The included wrist sling makes it easy to carry, even with your hands full.

Suitable For Both Big & Small Dogs - Our customers have asked for a bigger bottle for larger dog types like Bulldogs and Golden Retrievers, so we've made the trough 20% wider!

Satisfaction Guaranteed - Your satisfaction is our no.1 priority if there's something with your order, you can contact our helpful support team to get a refund.

High Demand & Limited Stock Available - Due to high demand, it can take between 14-25 days for delivery to Australia, United States, and Canada. (or faster)

Available Online Only. We Ship Worldwide!